Heimatland Nativity

The Homeland nativity is a stunning and intricately crafted Christmas crib in Tyrolean style. The focal point is the Holy Family, portrayed in authentic rustic attire, while the female figures exude simplicity with their aprons and headscarves. The scenes come alive with the addition of adorable children and an array of animals, including chickens, dogs, ducks, and birds. In striking contrast, the three Magi stand out in their opulent and resplendent garments. The meticulous carving captures every detail, from the diverse expressions of the figures to the joyful smiles of the children. Some versions even feature captivating Oriental scenes, including elephants, camels, and their devoted handlers. To enhance the scene, a shining comet star graces the sky above some of the stables. Available in various sizes, ranging from 6 cm to 48 cm, the Homeland nativity figurines can be acquired in their natural version or embellished with colors.

Homeland nativity