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Famous all over the world for its profane and sacred sculptures

Woodcarvings and handicrafts

We have been producing high quality secular and sacred sculptures for generations. We owe our popularity to the variety and high quality of our models.

The art of woodcarving in Val Gardena

Where true artists create unique masterpieces


Our history
The history of woodcarving in Val Gardena

Since the 17th century, in Val Gardena the farmers have been carving wooden figurines during the cold winter months. Selling them, they could improve their income, since the work in the fields didn’t pay much. Thanks to their experience, they soon became true masters in this artistic sector.

Company history

The creation of a sculpture step by step

From the first draft to the final touch: In order to create a high-quality wooden sculpture, many work steps are necessary. It is only thanks to their great skills that our artists are able to create carved masterpieces according to the woodcarving tradition of Val Gardena. Find out here how a wooden sculpture is made.

Our company

Our company
Wood carvings since 1969

Senior partner Peter Mahlknecht founded the company in 1969 in the center of Laion - Val Gardena / Val Gardena. In 1984 the company building was first expanded. Due to the continued success, in 1999, the company was relocated to the current building in the Pontives craft zone (at the entrance to Val Gardena)

Our company

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