Our wood-carving shop

The art of woodcarving - a 400 Year tradition
Our wood-carving shop
By the 17th century. Grödner mountain folk were already carving wood figures in various styles. The abundant alpine wood and the long winter months of the Val Gardena valley allowed families to supplement their livelihoods by carving in their homes. Initially, wooden toys and dolls were carved, later secular art like mountain men and hunters. The world-wide recognition of the carvers skills following the example of Johann Dominik Mahlknecht (1793-1876), the appointed the state artist, encouraged the carvers to create new ideas and models. This has led to museum-quality works, and a growing reputation of 1st-class artistry.

Creating a woodcarving
Creating a woodcarving
Select alpine wood are cut and air-dried over several years.

It begins with an idea developed from years of experience.

Design and Production
Creating a woodcarvi
Inspired carvers sculpt their ideas into models from their own imagination. 

With loving care, highly trained painters bring each piece to life.

Certificate of authenticity and delivery
Every single carving is inspected and provided a certificate of authenticity.  All PEMA figures are legally protected through patents.
After a final quality control review, carvings are sent to specialty shops through world-wide distribution.

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